Range Day

Saturday, sunny, high 70s. I met my son Joe and my friend Dan at the range. Dan brought a Garand. Joe brought a Mauser. I brought TRNOW and a 1903A3. Here they are side by side.
Ammo was consumed. Noise was made. Holes were made in targets. Here’s a 5 shot group shot prone with a sling. Not quite one ragged hole in the X, but I’m improving.
And here I am, slung up. Rifle built on old military receiver, old military blanket, old military shooting blouse, old cotton military sling. There’s some sort of theme here. springfield1


3 thoughts on “Range Day

  1. Hey the themes is tribute to the unknown gunsmith who put that together and to you the fine shooter!

  2. Um… theme… Old stuff STILL works would be what I take away… 🙂 Glad you got to the range, and nice shooting with that rifle!

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