Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

The Malaysian Airlines flight has been missing since March 8th. The one thing we know for certain is that there a lot of trash in the ocean.

The one we’re pretty sure of is that the pilot was involved in the disappearance. A pilot who had been playing with fairly high end flight simulators and then deleting the files. What was he practicing for? If he just wanted to dump an airplane full of people in the ocean, he already had the controls, it didn’t require anything special.

So here’s a thought I’ve been having for some time. I’m not the only one, Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. McInerney has been saying it in the press.

Say the pilot turned off his electronic equipment, got down low or in the radar shadow of another flight, and took the plane somewhere. Somewhere like Pakistan, for example. The question no one quite answered was why.

Pakistan has nuclear weapons. What they lack is delivery devices. That plane could already be painted to match some other country’s planes. Electronics readied to either mimic or replace an expected flight out of Jinnah. Then you pick the destination. I’d suspect Israel. How close does that get it before it diverts from an expected flight path?

And if they have a plane, they have a pilot.