Hey, it’s their website. I’m just offering you the link.

And a quote from the Wall Street Journal, “In an earlier age, explorers who so badly underestimated the expanse of polar ice would surely have perished.”

I’m going with definition 1 and 2a.



2 thoughts on “Delusion

  1. The definition of delusional covers a lot of territory concerning American politics, both sides of the coin play that game.

    • This is supposed to be science. New Zealand scientists doing research. Facts, hypothesis put to the test, etc. Accepting that the ice is growing, this is the coldest year in decades, the ‘pause” may be the natural fluctuation is solar output, the data has been shamelessly manipulated, that would be science.

      Sure, politics and politicians, that is lies, delusions, and everyone in office seems to be playing.

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