U.S. Coast Guard Icebreaker to the Rescue

The USS Polar Star is being sent to the Antarctic to rescue the ship trapped in the ice sheet and the Chinese icebreaker that was sent to rescue them. The Polar Star burns 49.5 gallons of fuel a nautical mile. (Based on a carrying capacity of 1.4 millions gallons and a cruising range of 28,275 nautical miles).

The scientists that believe that the planet is irreversibly warming are now four ships and a helicopter in to fossil fuel use trying to extract themselves and their ships from the expanding ice sheet at the bottom of the world. I don’t have enough information about the other ships to even estimate the total amount of carbon being released in the process, but the irony being released is off the charts.

9 thoughts on “U.S. Coast Guard Icebreaker to the Rescue

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  2. Being a Blue Water Veteran, I have always operated under the assumption that the US Coast Guard (yes it says “Coast”) was designed to patrol and protect OUR national waters except in the case of war or National Emergency. Why is this ship traveling thousands and thousands of miles to participate in the rescue of multinational Ass Hats?

  3. I don’t care which idea a person thinks is correct on global warming, but I did think it was funny that those guys went down there to study why the ice was melting….then they stuck in the shit.

  4. The ignored irony is what the Chinese icebreaker Snow Dragon (Xue Long) was doing in the Antarctic.

    The missed story is that the ship was in the process of delivering construction supplies for their fourth new station; they intend to build many more, and will be in a good position when the Antarctic Treaty is up for renegotiation.

  5. Third news- they’re going to have a stand-up fussing match with Chile, who will send families down there to deliver their children. There are 2 generations of Antarctic-born Chileans. China can’t yet match that claim.

    • As identifying resource reservoir continues, the pressure will focus on coming to the 2048 negotiations with a ‘cut-up-the-pie’ pre-arranged agreement; I wouldn’t be surprised if that process isn’t heating up.

      The media has not touched the Snow Dragon’s trip manifest story; I’ like to hear how the global warming experts feel about having their bacon recused by their metaphorical wolf.

      Interestingly, Emilio Marcos Palma’s birth has its own sub-claim dispute.

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