Freedom of Religion

A judge has ruled that a cross in a Korean War Memorial must be removed. What we have here is another case of a “living document” interpretation of the Constitution. A cross in a cemetery is not the establishment of a religion. It’s an expression of the faith of the people that erected it long before the cemetery was taken as federal property.

Do the progressives want to remove the crosses, crescents, and stars from the headstones in all the National Cemeteries? In that same Mount Soledad Memorial there are other smaller crosses and symbols of other religions on the plaques. Maybe a contract could be let to grind them off. Least someone see one and be unduly influenced to a life of faith. Let’s start there and move on to Arlington.

Arlington National Cemetery is filled with religious imagery. Here’s one on the official National Cemetery website. It’s the Argonne Cross erected to commemorate the losses in the Argonne Forest in WWI.

There’s crosses and other religious symbols all over Arlington. The symbols are small and chiseled into the stones. There’s a large list of available symbols to choose from. You can even proclaim your atheism if you like. That’s the first one, with the stylized atomic symbol.

arlington atheist


arlington cross 6

arlington cresent

arlington star

When we are done, we will not have freedom of religion, we’ll have freedom from religion.


4 thoughts on “Freedom of Religion

  1. Not even that. It will be a state-approved, state-established religion sold to the proles as not being a religion, because religions believe in strange, fake things that are dangerous, and the strange, fake things the state has you believe aren’t dangerous, but are for your own good. Because they are “scientific” and realistic.

  2. Well said… and it will be a cold day in hell if they start trying to remove crosses from military graves… Just sayin…

  3. The only “state” religion here in America is Islam. I have never seen such solicitude for any religion except islam. When you have eric *My people* holder sending people to these muslim groups and telling them that if anything offends them, to let the DOJ know and they will file hate crimes charges against the miscreants, That isn’t done for anybody else. And have you seen the videos of how the local indigenous people in north Africa are treating the British war graves?
    I cannot fathom why certain groups wants the cross removed? The cross was there LONG before the federal government became the caretaker of the property.

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