Bill Whittle Writes of Light, Darkness, and Hope

I cannot paraphrase this. You must go and read it. Seriously. I’ll wait. Come back and leave your thoughts if you like. We can have a discussion among ourselves.

H/T to The Smallest Minority


4 thoughts on “Bill Whittle Writes of Light, Darkness, and Hope

  1. That was a very good read. I just hope we’re going through The Empire Strikes Back and there’s a Revenge Of The Jedi just around the corner.

  2. That was a very good read, I keep thinking if we are an honorable men, we will do the right thing and fight when the time comes and if we die, then we die as honorable men should, on our feet rather than bend the knee to tyranny. That is one of thing I like about the LOTR and the hobbit, they show good and evil and the price that must be paid.

  3. Man writes powerful stuff –
    A “Tom Paine” for our times, perhaps…if that’s not over-drawn.

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