The Best of the Internet

The internet, at it’s best, is one of the most amazing things humans have ever built. Want to reconnect with friends from high school or the military? Once it would have been impossible without hiring a detective. Interested in knowing something obscure, say when did people first put shoes on horses? It would have required research, a trip to the library at least. Now it’s to the Googles and you know.

But more that that, it’s the opportunity to meet people, to share ideas, to occasionally make a friend with someone that enriches your life in some way. I went all “Hello World” with a blog on July 2nd, 2008. Put up my first gun post on July 5th.

Borepatch started blogging a week before me. We were six States apart. We would have never met except for the internet. The first contact between us I can find is a comment I left on a range report he made about a Beretta Storm on July 5th.

He first linked to my blog on July 25th, to a post on home defense. I was thinking about what had happened to the Petits.

My son was at Parris Island during those months and I was writing about my memories of the summer of 1977 and reflecting on his experiences. Borepatch linked me again on July 29th with my post about Weapons Battalion.

We became friends. Brothers from different mothers. We met the next year when he was traveling south with his family on vacation. Called and asked if we wanted to meet at a restaurant. Instead, I invited them here for home cooking and they accepted. The next time we got together we went to the range. I took the picture he still has in his sidebar of him with a Garand. It’s my rifle and we are at my local range. We read each others writing, email occasionally, and about once a year manage to get together, which is the subject of my next post.


3 thoughts on “The Best of the Internet

  1. algores interwebz are truly a wonderful thing. As you’ve said, I’ve reconnected with long lost friends and made new ones on here. It has given a voice to people that would otherwise never have been heard. The ability to connect to others thousands of miles away is great, but it is far greater to be able to actually meet face to face the people you meet online. I’m truly glad you had the opportunity to do so.

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