Iran, Israel, and the Inevitable

In 1938 it was Czechoslovakia. This week it was Israel. The Wall Street Journal lays it out in detail. We capitulated to Iran. It will lead to more instability and inevitably to war.

Here’s my predictions

1. Iran will develop a nuclear bomb. Sooner rather than later.
2. This will lead to one of two outcomes:
….a. Iran will deliver a working nuclear weapon to Israel and detonate it. Israel will respond.
….b. Israel will see the threat for what it is and launch preemptive strikes against Iran.
3. After 2a or 2b, there will be a larger war in the Mid-East.

The other thing you can count on is U.S. Presidents and their Secretaries of State announcing Middle East peace initiatives that fail. Every administration tries it. It looks good, and since the people they are dealing with don’t mind lying and signing papers to advance their positions, for a few press cycles it gets their current domestic problems off the front page. What is different this time is that we have left Israel to twist in the wind alone.


4 thoughts on “Iran, Israel, and the Inevitable

  1. I’ve often thought of this from another angle.

    Iran views Israel as the little Satan and us as the great Satan, right? And what they really want is not just to get rid of Israel, but hegemony over the entire region. The Saudis are no lovers of Iran, right? Iraq fought a long, horrifically bloody war with them. It’s the Sunni vs. Shia thing.

    That makes it seem like the winning play is to F*** up the US so badly we bring all the troops from around the world home to maintain/restore order. With the US troops out of the way, no one is going to oppose them hobbling Israel and running over the Mideast, but if they go after Israel first, they might think we have the stones to defend Israel, or strike on their behalf. If we bring home the troops from everywhere, what stops the Chinese from taking Taiwan? A few nukes in a few cities, brought in over the border by Hezbollah, ought to do it. We know Hezbollah is in the US now. But if not a dozen suicide bombers, an EMP blast or two would do it, and we know they have the missile technology down.

    I assume they have some nukes already, mostly because they have money and oil and could buy some.

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