Twelve Years of Blood and Treasure

2300 dead, more than 17,000 wounded. 650 billion dollars and counting. That’s the estimates for what it has cost the United States for our operations in Afghanistan so far.

But it was worth every drop of blood and every dollar, right? We routed the Taliban. Rebuilt the infrastructure. Established a democracy. Created a new country where the freedoms we all believe are essential to living a life of value are protected. Where minorities and women live lives of equality. Where religious diversity is celebrated.

Oh wait. You say we got rid of the Taliban, but not really? Afghanistan has a state religion? Women are oppressed? They have decided to reintroduce stoning as a punishment for adultery?

Then I would say it is a total, epic failure. That we have accomplished nothing. That it was not worth the first American life. That the effort, blood, money, and equipment could just as easily been dumped in the ocean for what we did with it.

70 years ago it took less than 4 years to beat the Empire of Japan. Now we can’t even manage to keep the Afghans from murdering people with rocks.


2 thoughts on “Twelve Years of Blood and Treasure

  1. Well we had national will back then, it was kill or be killed. We didn’t have the epidemic of liberals back then poisoning the national will and the national character. Back then we knew we were Americans and proud…now we have been told over several generations to be ashamed.

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