The NYTimes Talks About Obamacare

So the Affordable Care Act isn’t affordable, isn’t going to provide care, can’t be signed up for, and generally is one giant sucking ball of fail. The Grey Lady has finally accepted that reality cannot be ignored any further. They need to get out front on this. So what do they have to say? The link itself tells the tale. That’s right. The most important thing they can find to say about the destruction of the health care system is BUSH! REMEMBER BUSH! KATRINA! BUSH!

Click the link and read it all. Remember it’s been 4 years and 303 days since George Bush left office.


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  1. I tried to calculate the date but it got to be more than I cared about so I just put the date in the post. I’m guessing your RSS feed picked up one of the previous edits of the post.

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