Well, That Took Less Time Than I Expected

Least anyone think I was over the top, a Democratic candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates is calling for doctors to be forced to take Medicare and Medicaid patients.

Next they will tell them that they can’t quit, either.

Best to remember that health care also requires nurses, technicians, administrators, electricity, water, buildings, maintenance, all sorts of supplies from sheets to syringes. Telling the doctors they can’t quit will only be the beginning. Because if health care is a right, someone has to provide it. Those who are forced to provide the rest of the population with their “right to healthcare” will be the slaves of the new millennium.

Freedom, in a political context, means freedom from government coercion. It does not mean freedom from the landlord, or freedom from the employer, or freedom from the laws of nature which do not provide men with automatic prosperity. It means freedom from the coercive power of the state—and nothing else.
–Ayn Rand


One thought on “Well, That Took Less Time Than I Expected

  1. And then there will be wailing and rending of clothes because people will stop going into medical fields and the libs just won’t be able to understand why.

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