The Real Outcome of Socialized Medicine

This is what happens when you centralize and socialize your health care system. It hasn’t happened here yet. But it will. If you’re wealthy or important, care is available. If not, you will be refused care. What happens after that is just variations on the theme.


One thought on “The Real Outcome of Socialized Medicine

  1. You say “It hasn’t happened here yet.” but I beg to differ. In 1890 the US Congress passed the “Indian Intercourse Act” which established not only the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) but the IHS – Indian Health Service. And since then the Native Americans in this country have had Socialized, Single Payer Health Care provided by you and me US Taxpayer. And they have been, as a people in decline ever since. They see rationed drugs, rationed Doctor services, rationed Nurse care and rationed Hospital care, in every way one can measure the health of a discrete people, they are on the crap end of the stick except for Infant Mortality (go figure). This is what the Left wants for all the people of the US. Single Payer. I find it ironic that the name that brought all this “Care” to the Natives of this country was called the “Intercourse Act” as it seems the Federal Government has been F___ing the Indians ever since!!

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

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