From 1973 – Appalachian Woodworking

This is mastery in woodworking. It’s what craftsmen aspire to. I’m sure he’s long since left us and taken these skills with him.
The site asked everyone to link to them for streaming only, so here’s a link to the video from 1973:

FolkStreams » Alex Stewart.

Update: theunpaidBill let this in a comment’ “You might be surprised to find that there is a thriving, if small, group of hobbyist craftsmen who work using old-school techniques like those shown here. The capabilities of the hand tools are really quite remarkable and a basic competency isn’t that hard to achieve.”


The U.S.S. Roberts

The U.S.S. Roberts was part of the task force escorting the troop transports to the beaches for the invasion of the Philippines during WWII. She was a destroyer escort. One of the ships the sailors called “tin cans”. A thin skinned ship with 5 inch guns, a few torpedoes and some depth charges, her primary role was anti-submarine.

But on October 25th, 1944 she was called upon in ways no one could have envisioned. The main fleet under Admiral Halsey had gone north looking the Japanese Combined Fleet. A small task for of 3 escort carriers and a few destroyers and destroyer escorts had been left to watch over the transports. The Japanese Combined Fleet found them.

Lacking any hope, the destroyer escorts of Task Force Taffy were sent in to try to delay the Japanese long enough for the carriers to escape. 5 inch guns against battleships. What happens in the ensuing battle has been called “the U.S. Navy’s finest hour”. The Roberts was at the heart of it.

I just finished reading this, a history of the U.S.S. Roberts and the men who served on her. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to remember one of the most heroic events in a time filled with heroes. roberts

1961 in Antarctica

In 1961, the C-130 was the newest heavy transport plane. Outfitted with skis, the C-130 made it possible to support a base in the interior of Antarctica. There was still vision and a sense of exploration and a desire to see where technology could take us. Travel back and see the kinds of things our father’s country used to do.