Build Your Own Fallout Shelter

Even if it was being prepared for a nuclear attack, in Old America it wasn’t the government’s job to provide shelter, it was the citizen’s. Here’s the 1959 plans from the Office of Civil Defense and Mobilization for how to construct a fallout shelter for you and your family. From this one page you can presume that the government of Old America also thought that citizens could read and follow blueprints, use tools, and purchase their own materials for the project. fallout_doorway


6 thoughts on “Build Your Own Fallout Shelter

  1. Also that they didn’t need to purchase a gazillion OSHA regulations to keep on hand.

  2. Yep, I know folks that built these as ‘dual’ use… Tornado/bomb shelters, and quite a few of them got used more than once (and kept folks alive)…

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