T Minus 5 and Counting

Strapped in on top of the most powerful multi-stage rocket ever built, American astronauts went to the moon. Not once, but a series of times. Old America was the only country that ever did it, the only country that ever tried. We all watched the launches. Even on television it was incredible.

I remember thinking that people would live and work on the moon, that we would go to Mars, that we would build space stations, and begin the process of colonizing the solar system. I remember thinking it would happen in in my lifetime. I grew up in Old America where things like that were possible. I didn’t know there were limits to what could be achieved. I didn’t know that we would lose the ability to do things, that putting a man in orbit would be impossible again, that we would come home, put the remaining Saturn V rockets on static display, and forget how to dream.


One thought on “T Minus 5 and Counting

  1. Bear in mind that, all too often, it is fiscal conservatives who have cut funding for NASA and space exploration as having no tangible benefit. It’s not as if we found diamonds laying around on the moon in piles waiting to be picked up, as Heinlein wrote of in his Future History stories.

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