From The Early Days Of Film

Cornwall, New York. The Memorial Day Parade in 1920. A silent film, with text. Men marching in full kit with Springfields, Scouts marching, early automobiles decked out in bunting, and the presentation of a captured German field gun. The kind of Memorial Day people have after they have won a war.



If you look around a bit, there are memorials left behind by the generations that lived in Old America. They were erected to preserve and honor the memory of the men that served and died to create and preserve the country. They are melancholy places and often you find yourself alone there. Still, take some time this weekend, on this holiday set aside to mark the beginning of summer, to remember what was and the men who toiled in darkness so others could be free.freedomisalight

Memorial Day

This video isn’t from my home town, but it might as well be. I remember marching in the Memorial Day parade. I rode my bike up to the start and we walked in the parade, behind the WWI and WWII veterans, behind the Gold Star mothers riding in the old convertibles, behind the Boy Scouts, there we were, Cub Scouts in blue uniforms. Participating in a parade to remember those who had fallen. We went the length of Main Street past all the stores, then turned, and went down past the school to the cemetery where there was a speaker and the 21 gun salute.

It’s what you did on Memorial Day in Old America.

Building The Hoover Dam

Conceived as a way to control water flow, provide water for hydroelectric power, and irrigation, Hoover Dam was a project built by Old America at the height of it’s power and vision.

The story of the construction begins at about 4:30.