Looking To The Future in 1967

Here’s Walter Cronkite reporting on what the future of phones, televisions, and computers will be in the 21st Century.

Not a bad set of predictions, although it would have been hard to see how small some of the tech was going to get. As he gets to the home security system, you can see the product logo. This equipment was made by Philco. Philco made batteries, radios, televisions, air conditioners, computers, refrigerators, test equipment, and more. Here’s the history of the company. By the turn of the century Walter was predicting, Philco was gone. The electronic news, stock quotes, miniaturized telephones, computers, and printers were coming alright, but they would not be made in America.


2 thoughts on “Looking To The Future in 1967

  1. Wow. That brings back some memories . I really liked the hand drawn weather map brought up on the video screen :-). I feel so effing old now. I watched so much fuzzy black and white TV as a kid. All three VHF channels, and the one UHF channel we could get. Of course, the one UHF channel we couldn’t pick up had all the good after school cartoons. It was a conspiracy I tells Ya!

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