An observation on .380

Bob at The Drawn Cutlass has a short post about the danger of fondling, excessive handling and otherwise ignoring the direction the muzzle is pointed. Points well taken and too often ignored with predictable results.

In the case he pointed out, I want to make a different observation. The guy shot himself in the head and was conscious and walking around. If your concealed carry is a .380, this deserves further consideration. Here’s the police report in the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

Deputies were called to a Rosewood Street home by Paulette Berry, who reported that Howard Berry had shot himself and was walking around, the report states.

Paulette Berry told deputies the couple had been arguing, and she went into her room. Afterward, he came in and said, “Baby, baby, I’m bleeding.” She told deputies she never heard a gun discharge.

Howard Berry told deputies he was “messing around with a (.380-caliber) gun and it accidentally went off,” according to the report.

And yes, I think he shot himself on purpose. When it became clear he was still here, he came up with the whole “accidentally” part. That makes the still alive and conscious part more troubling because it means the gun was pointed directly at his head when it was fired.


4 thoughts on “An observation on .380

  1. With a good concealment holster you can carry a bigger gun. Just another reason fo me to stick with .45.

  2. I carry .380 as a BUG, and looking at the penetration of Hydrashocks and Gold Dots, they are not far from 9mm… My question is was it FMJ or HP that he shot himself with???

  3. Well, anything that occasionally not cause instant or quick death. A good friend of mine was an ER nurse, and described the woman who walked in with a full-sized kitchen knife buried in her chest. Her lungs were slowly filling with blood, but it would have taken hours for her to die. And that knife was a heck of a lot bigger than a little .355″ chunk of lead and copper.

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