Judge, Jury, Executioner

Here’s the transcript of the police radio at the site of the standoff with Dorner. They set fire to the cabin he was in on all four sides and waited until it was fully involved.

The authorities didn’t negotiate, didn’t set up a perimeter and wait him out, didn’t do anything but find him and kill him.

It’s the same response the police used when they thought they had sighted his truck, they just opened fire without warning. A lesson to everyone about how they see themselves and the public they purport to serve.

26:22 Seven burners deployed, and we have a fire.
27:05 Guys, be ready on the #4 side. We have fire in the front and he might come out the back.

54:33 Affirmative, I’m told that there’s basement in the cabin. So as a precaution, since the fire’s self-containing itself I’m going to let that heat burn through that basement.
54:43 [inaudible] good call.


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