The Only Ones?

Men with guns were looking for another man with guns. The man they were looking for had a grey truck. This is a blue truck. Is the same model of truck? Is it even the same brand of truck? Did it have the license plate as the truck of the man they were looking for? Was there even a human male in the truck?

Of course not. It was a different model, a different color, from a different manufacturer, occupied by two women delivering newspapers. The Only Ones went all ZOMG!! Truck! and opened fire. It has not been reported if they used evil assault rifles or evil large capacity bullet feeding devices in evil handguns for this activity.
shot_truck Both women were shot. Not fatally, which speaks to lack of marksmanship more than lack of enthusiasm or effort. If you or I had done this, it would have been attempted murder, reckless endangerment, discharging a firearm, and a laundry list of charges that ended up with littering for the brass that we dropped. Nothing like that is going to happen because the men that shot this truck were policemen. If the women live, they will be millionaires. But that will come from the taxpayers. What needs to happen is charges for the officers involved. If that doesn’t happen, the conclusion will be that they are the only ones qualified to shoot anyone they like because they were tense.

“LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said he does not doubt the women did not hear any verbal commands, he emphasized that it was still possible the officers did attempt to stop the vehicle before opening fire. And, while not commenting specifically on this shooting, Beck said it was not difficult to imagine how officers who were already on edge could make the mistake these officers did.”


2 thoughts on “The Only Ones?

  1. Targeted assassination of American citizens without due process. Welcome to Obamerica. But, hey, at least these women weren’t made to stand on a box with panties on their heads, That would have been a crime against humanity. Well…at least it used to be, back in the days before our current king ascended to his throne.

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