Are We Listing to Starboard Yet?

The President, the Congress, and the press are all trying to tell me that the cuts that are coming this week are going to wreck the country. Everything, from the refueling of the USS Abraham Lincoln to flyovers at sporting events have been tied to these minor cuts. Here’s the truth. When the cuts start shutting departments down, I’ll know you have recognized the mortal threat that unrestrained spending represents and are trying to take effective action. Because it’s not these symbolic cuts that are destroying us, it’s the trillion dollars a year that we don’t have that we keep spending.
cutsThe problem with these cuts are that they are too minor, too isolated, and too late. Cut a trillion dollars out of the budget. Then tell me what you’re not going to do any more. Things to cut when you get serious: Foreign aid. Social programs. Federal government departments like education. Federal control of the health care system. Cut it until you have a surplus that can be used to begin to retire the debt.

It’s too late, of course, we passed the event horizon years ago. We’re sinking, even if the dinner in the main dining rooms still looks delicious.