If It Saves One Child…

Let’s ban things if it “saves one child”.

Swimming pools. From blow-up kiddie pools to full sized in-ground pools, these things are killers. Don’t take my word for it, here’s the CDC report. I think we can agree that if every swimming pool in the country was filled in tomorrow, lives would be saved, many of them children.

Public beaches. At lakes and oceans, citizens are allowed to enter the water. Referencing the same data, it is clear that banning all swimming would save lives, some of them children.

Boats. In 2009 alone, over 700 people died in recreational boating accidents. Banning private ownership of boats would save lives, some of them children.

Automobiles. Do I even need to show you the carnage? Babies die every day in these overpowered, privately owned, unsupervised death machines.

Airplanes. If you banned all air travel, there would be no aircraft deaths. Ground them all forever, it will save more than one child.

Peanuts, peanut butter, and all associated products. 200 people a year die, banning them will certainly save more than one child.

I am not willing to give up my car, or going in the ocean, or the convenience of air travel. I am also absolutely unmoved by the arguments of those would choose to ignore my rights and disarm me in the name of some hypothetical utopia they want to build.


4 thoughts on “If It Saves One Child…

  1. If everything saved one child, then the world would be ruled by the Nerf Company.

    We wouldn’t even venture out of our homes; instead, we would be assuming the foetal position under our desks as quivering bags of tissue.

    This is such specious crap.

    When I hear ANY sentence begin with “it’s for the children” then I know two things:

    1. It’s bullshit, and
    2. It’s proffered by a daft Leftist


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