A Realistic Plan

Now we know that the school shooter killed himself when the police arrived. Remember that. Because it seems to be fairly common among the people that commit these crimes.

Another thing that seems common is the fact that they pick places where they are certain that everyone else, everyone law abiding, is disarmed. They want to be the only predator in the sheep pen so they can play out whatever sick fantasy they have concocted.

Here’s what they don’t do. They don’t attack police stations. They don’t attack gun ranges. They don’t attack anywhere they might expect a response that would interrupt their attack.

He had handguns and wasn’t 21 (illegal). He stole them (illegal). He took them to a school (illegal). He shot human beings that were no threat to him (illegal, immoral, incomprehensible). How are more gun control laws going to do anything? Raise the penalties? Make it sooper double illegal to shoot people? Further restricting the rights of citizens will only disarm the citizens willing to comply with those laws.

So what do we do? A adult cowering in a classroom while an evil or deranged shooter is killing children is not an effective response. Waiting for the police is not an effective response. Getting killed trying to intervene is not an effective response. Disarming all the people in a school is not an effective response.

Time to look around and figure out what works. Here’s my plan. We normalize gun ownership by citizens. We train our school staff and administrators to respond effectively. We make it certain that pulling out a weapon in a school, or a mall, or anywhere else, will result in citizens turning to the threat and defending themselves. It doesn’t have to be everyone. Just a percentage of volunteers. Whatever level of training and proficiency we need. Let’s get started. Let’s do away with gun free zones. Let’s do it for the children.


2 thoughts on “A Realistic Plan

  1. and fix the mental illness problem in this country…or lack of care. In almost every case like this, at least one person knew the shooter was a nut job before they went shooting….and nothing was done.

  2. I’m good with that plan. I am a retired police officer, an HR-218 CCW holder and a former combat Marine. I train this very scenario. I’ll train any experienced firearm handler for free. Let’s get this done.

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