If Guns Are So Dangerous…

If guns are so dangerous, why do the politicians have armed security details? Armed security with radios to call for more. They are all armed with full sized magazines for their handguns and rifles. They are in teams. Some of them actually have fully automatic weapons.

Every time one of them opens their mouth and tells me what I do or don’t “need”, they show off what giant hypocrites they are. If they disarmed their security and all the police in the country, at least I’d consider the possibility they believed what they were saying.

Because I’m a citizen without an armed security detail and I am left to be responsible for my own security until the police arrive. Even if that’s just a few minutes, everyone has a fresh lesson of how horrible those minutes can be.


From Larry Correia

Larry Correia has written a long post about gun control and defensive gun use that needs to be required reading. I could not do any better, so if you have not read this yet, take some time and consider his words. And pass this on, get this across the divide and get your non-gun owning friends and relatives to read it, too.

How Much Evil Can You Imagine?

Why did German Jews get on the trains in the 1940s? Because no matter how bad it was, they just couldn’t bring themselves to believe or imagine how completely evil had overtaken their country. The idea that they would be gassed to death and cremated as they got off the trains was so bad that even the rumors of such things was dismissed as wild imagination, what we would call “tin-foil hat”. Being made into soap and having your skin used as a lampshade? Come on, who could believe that?