I went and did it. I didn’t do because I was thrilled with choices at any level. I did it because of this:

That’s the seawall on the beach at Tarawa. It could have been the breastworks at Bunker Hill, the fields and trees of Belleau Wood, the road south out of the Chosin Reservoir, or thousands of other places where young men put their lives on the line for an idea.

The United States remains the last best hope for a mankind plagued by tyranny and deprivation. America is no stronger than its people — and that means you and me. Well, I believe in you, and I believe that if we work together, then one day we will say, “We fought the good fight. We finished the race. We kept the faith.” And to our children and our children’s children, we can say, “We did all what could be done in the brief time that was given us here on earth.” — Ronald Reagan


One thought on “Voting

  1. Reagan was an Alzheimer’s-afflicted monster, and quoting him on anything doesn’t really do anything to lend credence to your point.

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