Forgotten History

I like non-fiction history, usually picking up something from the local library every couple of weeks. Came across a book about a late 1950s plan to use multiple nuclear weapons to blow a new harbor on the coast of Alaska called The Firecracker Boys. It didn’t happen, but it was well into the planning stage before it was stopped. That lead me to look around and I found that there were plans to blow a new sea level canal across the Isthmus of Panama, level a mountain range to make an easy passage across the Rockies for a railroad, and some test shots to release natural gas deposits trapped in rock. Here a link with lots of other links concerning Operation Plowshares.

It was bold, filled with assumptions and false optimism, and looking back we can wonder what the hell they were thinking. Sort of like nationalizing the healthcare system, only not as destructive.


One thought on “Forgotten History

  1. Gotta get a copy of that one… I ‘knew’ one of the engineers that worked on Plowshares… Some of the stories he told just blew my mind!

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