We all remember the efforts on the pile at Ground Zero. How by the 2nd day it was clear that it was a recovery effort, not a rescue. The rescue dogs and handlers that worked that pile, locating bodies, doing what they could. There were nearly a hundred of those dogs that responded in those weeks.

Dog lives are measured on a different scale than ours. Most of the 9-11 rescue dogs are gone. The remainder are elderly, living out their last years in the care of their handlers. There’s a new book out about the dogs of 9-11. It’s called Retrieved. A Dutch photographer named Charlotte Dumas traveled around the United States taking photos and collecting the stories of the dogs and the people that worked with them. Her photography is evocative. .
I haven’t read the book yet, it was just published, but the article in the Daily Mail tells some of the story.


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  1. I’ve ordered the book, a good friend worked the pile for three weeks; she saw the good work the dogs did, and helped counsel the handlers during their efforts.

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