If Romney Needs My Vote, He’s Screwed

One vote, really?

But apart from that, Romney had the opportunity. I was watching him in a debate. He got lobbed a softball question about guns and went with an answer about how he led an effort to pass some unconstitutional legislation in Massachusetts. He could have hit one out of the park. All he had to say was, “Here’s another place where I differ from my opponent. The Constitution provides the framework for our laws. There is a clear statement about the rights of people to keep and bear arms. It was recently reviewed by the Supreme Court in the Heller decision. Whatever efforts we undertake to prevent criminal misuse of firearms have to be balanced with rights of American citizens.”

But he went the other way. If he’s not willing to honor the oath he took to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, then I should not support him with my vote. If you think that realpolitik suggests that you should vote for him anyway, you will have that opportunity. I would submit to you that this is exactly how we got into this mess. We voted for what appeared to be the lesser of the two evils instead of finding and supporting candidates we believed in.

The punishment for the Republicans for giving us a big-government, big-spending former liberal governor of Massachusetts ought to be losing. They have smugly counted on our votes and I think we have meekly provided them. Time for a change? I think so. I’m going to vote for Gary Johnson. Former Governor of New Mexico. Libertarian candidate. If you want to scoff at me for believing that I should vote for someone that supports positions I support, I submit you have lost your moral compass.

Here’s where he stands on gun rights.
Here’s where he stands on spending and the deficit.
Here’s his stand on civil liberties, the Patriot Act, and the TSA.

Read those positions and tell me he doesn’t deserve our support, that every gun owner in America shouldn’t vote for him, that we should abandon what we believe and support another candidate that going to be more business as usual in Washington.


7 thoughts on “If Romney Needs My Vote, He’s Screwed

  1. A principled yet suicidal act. You are absolutley on target except for the conclusion that you’ll be better off under the Democrats, which is where wasting your vote will get you. You think Fast & Furious was just an anomaly? And it will be a wasted vote. Yes, it might send a message to the Republican establishment, but they won’t listen to it anyway. Your demographic isn’t the one they need to win over to win an election.

    But hey, it’s your vote. You should do what you want with it.

  2. One vote? Probably not. One thousand or maybe one hundred votes? Yes. I wonder how many people in Florida thought the same as you did in 2000. I’m not disagreeing that Romney has some hang ups, but we desperately need to get rid of Obama once and for all.

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