Atomic Frontier Days

Starting in 1948, in a town called Richlands, Washington, it was Atomic Frontier Days. Here’s a link to a Flicker photoset showing pictures of the event. Parades, talent shows, carnival rides. All celebrating the atomic weapons and atomic energy programs in the region.

It’s not even the event that caught me, although that seems quaint. It’s some of the images and what they say about the country these people lived in. Every car in every picture is American made.

Kids ride bikes without helmets.

And OMG!! What is this? A hood ornament for the parade? Can you imagine the jail time you would get if you did this in 2012?

And speaking of jail time if you did this in our times. You know these are real single action pistols, and he just touched off some sort of load, even if it was a blank.

America. I remember it.


8 thoughts on “Atomic Frontier Days

  1. I remember those days. I remember being a free-range (or latch-key, take your pick) kid. I remember how great that was, how much freedom–not a lack of supervision, but true freedom–I had as a child. This America still exists, but only in small, slowly eroding pieces, much like the memories of my youth these pictures evoke. I sincerely thank you for posting them.

  2. Funny timing – I just watched a film last night on Netflix called “Atomic Cafe”, which chronicled the development of the bomb and the culture around it into the 60s through news film, military training films, etc. Fascinating to watch – I remember some of it.

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