They Don’t Believe It, Either

Is it getting warmer? Maybe. It been warmer in the past, it will be warmer in the future. Then it will be cooler. It’s primarily a function of the big nuclear furnace we revolve around. But I’m not getting into it with ya’. Borepatch has done a fine job and if you search his archives, it will be a week’s worth of information and jumping off to links.

Today’s observation is about the people selling “anthropogenic climate change”. They give it lip service and will trot it out whenever it seems useful, but they don’t believe it. Because if they actually believed that human use of fossil fuel was bad, heating up the planet, killing the polar bears, melting the glaciers, etc. etc., they would behave differently.

How many tons of carbon get released to run Air Force One every year? And the President’s vehicle fleet? And Biden’s jet and vehicles? Now how many miles will the two of them, the Secret Service, the advance teams, the press planes, the TSA, and all the rest of them have traveled by the time this election cycle is over? What does that carbon footprint look like?

And for what? Every public appearance can be measured in carbon emitted. If they really believed it will destroy life as we know it, they would stay home. Everyone could watch them on TV or YouTube. They could rail about the Republicans traveling as old-school and dangerous to the environment. There’s no need for a convention, either. All those people traveling to Charlotte? For what, the candidates are already selected, there’s nothing happening that couldn’t be done by video conference and e-mail. How many pounds of carbon emitted to have that gathering? Every person who attends proves they don’t really believe in anthropogenic climate change by their actions.

Nancy Pelosi flying back and forth to California every weekend?

Al Gore flying all over the world to promote saving the planet his latest book and video himself?

And so on. Judge them based on their actions. Here’s a link to a site hosted by what seem to be true believers. They make a WAG an estimate of the amount of carbon the President uses in annual travel.

If I thought that the scientific evidence supported anthropogenic climate change, I would conclude they were destroying the planet for their personal gain.