You Say 1954 Like It’s A Bad Thing

First, the cartoon from the Chattanooga Times Free Press:

Clearly meant to make the GOP look like throwbacks. Let us consider 1954 for a moment.

The National Debt was 278 billion dollars. 1.7% of it’s current level. Update: Link to inflation adjustment calculator for comparison purposes.

80% of adult men had jobs. Currently it’s 65%.

The U.S. was #1 in Gross Domestic Product per person. Currently we are 13th.

The average family spent 22% of income on housing. Now the average family spends 43%.

There were 2 million people living in the metro Detroit area and it was one of the manufacturing centers of the world. Detroit today…

And so on. There are things that are far better about America today, but pretending that we haven’t lost our way economically, pretending that the federal government isn’t out of control, pretending that we can spend our way out of this mess, pretending that individuals don’t have to be responsible, is just a lie.

So, for America, yes, by all means, let’s set the WABAC for 1954. Let start making things, put people to work, let people pay their own way, shrink the federal government, restore respect for the Constitution, balance the budget, pay the debt down, and stop the rhetoric that the government can provide all things to everybody.


3 thoughts on “You Say 1954 Like It’s A Bad Thing

  1. Let’s not forget the racial strife and the Red Scare stuff. Gotta look at it all, warts, included.
    Still, it’s a great, if impossible dream!

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