Song Meme

1. What was the first song you ever bought? It’s dated, but it was #1 in July 1970 and Columbia’s biggest hit of the decade. I bought it as a 45, the first of many.

2. What song always gets you dancing? I don’t dance if I can help it. It scares the audience. But a little East Coast Swing can be coaxed out of me if they play this.

3. What song takes you back to your childhood? There’s a lot of them, mostly post WWII pop music that my mom had in a cabinet. She would stack the old records and play them sometimes when she was working around the house. When I read the question, this was the first song that popped into my mind and when I played it I could picture the house the way it was, the furniture, even the old Electrolux canister vac she would pull around.

4. What is your perfect love song? Played at our wedding. Kinda syrupy, but what love song isn’t?

5. What song would you want at your funeral? Even the name of the piece says something significant.

6. What is the one song that describes you? The answer to this one might change as you age, but I’ve like the overall message of this song for a long time.


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