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Just to balance out my Biden post, let’s talk about Paul Ryan for a minute. First, though, didja see that some bakery refused cupcakes to Joe Biden to protest the idea that “you didn’t build that”? And that a Secret Service agent went back to thank him and buy some baked goods? And that when the word got out the guy was swamped with customers and had to close early when he ran out of goods?

But really, back to Paul Ryan. Darth Vader’s little brother according to the MSM. Maureen Dowd has him pegged to hurt people and suggests he should stop smiling while he does it. I don’t think Romney/Ryan is going to save the Republic. I don’t even know if I trust them to do the things they are promising, but even if they tried, I don’t think it will be enough.

The debt is SIXTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS. We’re still spending more than we have so the number keeps growing. Pr. Obama wants to spend more. Romney want to spend less. But they both still plan to spend more than they have.

We need to spend less than we take in and begin paying on the debt. There’s no other solution. If all Romney/Ryan do is slow the growth of the debt, then the debt is still growing. If you are on a train headed for broken tracks over a ravine, slowing down only postpones the crash. You have to reverse course.

I want to hear Paul Ryan say it. If he does, I might even vote for him.


2 thoughts on “Paul Ryan

  1. MoDo has been an idiot for a long time now, but yeah it would be nice to have a politician say we need to reverse course. It would be even nicer for one to admit that they don’t have the Constitutional authority to do something, but I’m not holding my breath.

  2. According to my WayBack machine, back in the inflation days of the 70s the claim was always the RATE of inflation was decreasing. Sounded good. Prices kept gong up.

    Gonna happen again. Pretty soon.

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