Okay, Okay, I Can’t Help It

I have probably lost all ten readers and no one will see this, but here goes. This is just too funny.

Vice President Biden, speaking on General Motors, makes an impassioned statement I agree with. I am absolutely certain that General Motors can lead the world in automobile production in the 20th Century.


10 thoughts on “Okay, Okay, I Can’t Help It

    • My thoughts exactly.
      But he was “kinda” right- GM did very well in the 20th century.

  1. It seems as though you still have a quote of followers – all of whom know more about what century we are in than Joe Biden.

  2. At least Biden is good for two things.
    1. He can always serve as a bad example.
    2. He brought you back!

    Go Joe ! !

    PS Don’t let ’em run you off ’cause then they win. You had enough posts about life, shooty stuff, Boy Scouts, and the Corps to keep me coming back.

  3. I’ve been out of town and a bit busy. I noticed you were posting a while ago. It’s good to see you. To steal a line from one of my favorite movies. “Now I know we’ll win”
    The truth is, I never lost faith.

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