There’s an 11 year old child, with Down’s Syndrome, being held in jail on death penalty charges. Her crime? Blasphemy. What country would do this? Pakistan.

Now take a fork and go out to the Prius and scrape that Coexist sticker off. You’re embarrassing everyone with a moral code.


Fine, I’m In

I don’t think Mitt’s going to do very much to really fix things, but choosing Paul Ryan as VP tips the balance for me. I’m in.

I Was In Dover, N.H

It was July 20th, 1969. I was twelve. We sat in my grandparent’s living room and watched a man walk on the moon on TV. I thought it was the first of many. I thought that one day I would get there. I thought there was no limit to what Americans could do.

Godspeed, Neil Armstrong.

GM Headed Back To Bankruptcy

Here’s the details. You don’t have to buy a GM, the federal government is buying them for you.

Just to make you want to RTWT, here’s what I thought was the money quote:

“Taxpayers were compelled to rescue the company from bankruptcy, then they were compelled to buy its products, and Obama tells them it’s all a smashing ‘success’ that should be duplicated throughout the private sector,” Hayward writes, “Taken literally, as the President prefers his words not to be taken, this would mean the end of the private sector.”