A girl was shot in a church in Florida. They are calling it an accident. This is not an accident. You keep using this word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

1. You took the gun out of the holster.
2. You left a round in the chamber.
3. You pointed it in an unsafe direction.
4. You pulled the trigger.

Every gun, always loaded.

Muzzle control. Never, never, let the muzzle cover anything that you don’t want a hole in.

What happened here is no accident. It is negligence. In layers. You didn’t break one. You broke them all.


2 thoughts on “ND

  1. I was somewhat happy on our deployments that the Army stopped calling them “Accidents”…they were N.D.s!
    But, when our dumbass Sergeant Major had THREE on the M2 .50 cal, he called them accidents. When we returned home, he told us the Safety on the gun didn't work.
    First: The M2 .50 cal has no safety
    2nd: Always treat the weapons as if it's loaded (like it was in Iraq)
    3rd. KEEP your fingers off the damn trigger until you want to fire.
    He was a total retard.

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