When It Goes Bad, It Goes Fast

The following is part of the news report on the death of Officer Green from Al.com.

The weapon used to fatally stab Mobile Police Officer Steven Green in the neck and back on Feb. 3 was a small 3-inch knife that authorities believe was hidden on robbery suspect Lawrence Wallace Jr.’s body when he was arrested for trying to hold up a dollar store…A preliminary investigation also revealed that Wallace had a small handcuff key in his shoe that he likely used to slip out of the restraints while being transported from police headquarters to Mobile County Metro Jail.

“We believe somewhere between police headquarters and Metro, Wallace took his handcuffs off,” Williams said. “We believe the handcuff key was concealed somewhere on his body. We don’t know where. We may never know where.”

The escaping Wallace fatally stabbed Green at the sally port of the jail last Friday. Police tracked him down a short time later and eventually shot and killed him in an exchange of gunfire as he hid beneath a home.

Update: I watched it again. I’m pretty sure it’s the handcuff key he pulls off the necklace.


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  1. I think you're correct… dammit. Another place a lot of them hide a key is in the back of the belt and they only have to pop a couple of loose stitches to get at it.

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