A Story From Guadalcanal

Serendipity. Chance. Just a coincidence. Uh-huh.

H/T to CDR Salamander


2 thoughts on “A Story From Guadalcanal

  1. It is a nice thing that this could have once happened in our country. For it to happen real Americans had to make real things with their own hands. Things still get made, but few American hands are involved. 'Making things' isn't a traditional school subject. I think this is because, traditionally, it didn't need to be – every American 'made things' all the time. Not to make things was to not survive. For a short period (that encompasses the time in which we currently live) the interdependence of creation and survival has been interrupted. This interruption cannot last long. It's end must be anticipated, especially by those responsible for those never exposed to the harsh reality of “do or die”.

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