Bloggers Read Other Blogs

Sometimes I wonder if the only people reading my posts are other bloggers. Who knows? If you gave me a radio station, I’d broadcast. A newspaper, I’d publish. It’s enough that we get to talk among ourselves and meet like minded people. It’s the internet.

Robert at My Tumultuous Adventure tagged me with the latest award. Which is nice, although it’s supposed to go to your top 5 bloggers with less than 200 followers. So it’s sort of saying, “Hey, you’re doing great, keep hollering down that well, the frogs are almost convinced!”

1. 3 Boxes of B.S. A steady blogger. I don’t know, he may have 10,000 readers, but he writes thoughtful posts and he one of my regular stops. Some range reports, an occasional insight into a news article. He should be on your blogroll.

2.Lagniappe’s Lair The Murphy posts alone should do it, along with all the gun blogging.

3.WilsonBlog Gunblogging and short stories, too. He doesn’t post every day, but I check his site regularly.

4.True Blue Sam Something different. Old engines, old music, some gunnie stuff. This one is always interesting and he should be drawing a crowd.

5. A Trainwreck in Maxwell I see he’s already been tagged, but more people should be reading him, so I’ll tag him again. Political observations, with a hint of snark.

That’s my 5. Any one of them should have more readers than the New York Times.


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