Looking For Something I Can Do

Went to the local Garand match Saturday. We had a visitor, a young man who came with his mother. He borrowed a rifle. Then he shot a 294.

Prone 99 2-X, Rapid 98 0-X, Offhand 97 2-X

Knitting. I could do knitting. Or maybe jigsaw puzzles.

I’d need 4 or 5 extra scoring shots to get a 294. On a good day.

7 thoughts on “Looking For Something I Can Do

  1. My youngest son last fall was handed an old friend's .22 Thompson Center to have a go with.
    He proceeded to punch a hole, not holes, a hole in the paper at 50 years…Took us a minute watching with our older eyes through the spotting scope(s) that he was putting round after round after round after round through the same hole in the target..We finally figured it out when we saw the paper twitch on the edge of where he was putting each round..
    Sigh…he shoots like his Korean War vet Granddad once did and still does on occasion…

  2. LOL, I HATE it when that happens… Shot an F600 match a couple of years ago, I'm shooting scoped M24, shoot a 585, the kid the next lane over shoots a 600 with OPEN SIGHTS on an AR-15…

  3. Or you could do like I do and ask if he needs a glass of water… :\
    Was shooting with the Kid this week end.
    I taught him too well, I guess.
    Or he learned better than I taught.
    He didn't want any water, though.
    Shy III

  4. I've been kicking around the idea of taking the Mosin and the Arisaka to a VMBAR match or two…but hell I can't even SEE 200 yards, much less shoot that far.

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