Nothing Cute At All

Edge sees it differently. Since he let his blog lapse, I offer you his point of view.

Obama will be completely unstoppable if he gets 4 more years…

if this happens I don’t want to hear one complaint about him or how things are. You wanted it? You got it.

The weight of his next four years will be squarely on the shoulders of those who thought it would be cute to protest vote with the Libertarians or not vote at all.

I hope you all can live with that, because I damn sure can’t.

Vote Republican.

There is nothing cute about my decision. It is completely serious. Mitt Romney has a very liberal voting record. I cannot count on him to turn around the economy or the spending. I cannot count on him to defend the 2nd Amendment. I cannot count on him to do anything but talk conservative during the campaign and then return to form if he wins.

Sure, maybe he slows things down, but the trestle is out. If the train keeps going, does it matter if we’re going 25 or 60 miles an hour?

If there is not a candidate that sees the deficit and the debt as a mortal crisis facing our country, a candidate that promises to balance the budget and begin to pay down the debt, then there is no meaningful choice at all.

Going further, this cannot just be the White House. We need candidates for the House and Senate that will slam the brakes on the spending. It no longer matters what the spending is for. Social Security, entitlements, foreign aid, defense, everything needs to be cut. Cut it across the board until the government is spending less than it takes in. Treat it like the crisis it is.

But until that happens, don’t pretend that there is any difference between Mitt Romney and Pr. Obama. If we don’t stop and reverse direction on spending, we will eventually get to the point that it is unrecoverable.


11 thoughts on “Nothing Cute At All

  1. Isn't there at least a chance that Romney can be “shown the light”? Isn't it our duty to show him that light and to do what we can to make sure he sees it and alters behavior based upon the principles illuminated?

    I see your point of getting an inevitable train wreak over with and cleaned up ASAP. But this is going to be the mother of all train wrecks. It can be avoided. I agree that Obama wants it. With Romney there may be some hope that reason may become effective.

    We can't give up. There's too much at stake. Every battle will not be won. The war should not be conceded as long as there is some reasonable chance that winning it remains possible.

  2. As was presented by someone elsewhere (sorry about the lack of attribution, but I cannot claim it as my own): No difference between Mitt and Obama? Five words:

    Supreme Court Justice Eric Holder

  3. If the best the Republican Party can come up with is what I've seen so far, if the victors of the primaries to date are what is most palatable to the average Republican voter, I want nothing to do with their sorry hides. I didn't kill the elephant in the room, and I'm not going to stand around smiling and pretending the rotting carcass doesn't stink. The only thing an establishment Republican victory will mean is a mandate on establishment Republican policies. No thank you.

  4. The big problem is that none of them can stop it. There are no alternatives left that avoid a serious economic mess.

    There are no paths that don't involve pain, suffering and (very possibly) blood in the street.

    It is possible some paths may lead to less suffering, but that's the best outcome possible.

  5. We are likely better off to make sure that we end up with a Republican House and Senate….and Obama as Prez.

    Less damage will be done that way, as they will fight enough to keep anything from passing.

    With Romney and a compliant House and Senate we are royally fucked.

  6. Let's face it. Obama hates this country. Romney doesn't. That's the biggest difference to me. I am not a fan of Romney. Never have been; I was hoping Cain could pull through. Perhaps Romney will pick a more conservative VP. Who knows?

    I'd rather have Romney as President with four years than Obama with 8.
    I can't take this arrogant SOB anymore!!!

  7. So I'm niot sure, based on the comments posted so far, why we all don't get behind Ron Paul. He has verbalized all of these point; cut 1 billion across the board immediately; pull our troops back home and protect our borders, etc. Why not get behind Mr. Paul?

  8. Dancing Bear,

    That's who I'll be backing. I don't think he'll win, but sometimes you have to support a candidate anyway.

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