The Grey

Went to the movies and saw The Grey. You have to give them the premise. Like a science fiction movie, where you have to allow space flight or aliens, here you have to allow them the situation. Because I think even if they had survived the crash, exposure would have killed them all in pretty short order.

It explores what it is to be alive, how we face the burdens we carry, and what it is to see our impending death. And in those situations asks the question, what does honor ask of a man?

RAOP gives it 3 1/2 stars.

2 thoughts on “The Grey

  1. It's called the “willing suspension of disbelief.”

    If I can buy that wolves are maneaters — which they absolutely are NOT; in fact they are quite afraid of people — then the movie is quite well done and quite exciting.

    I appreciated it on the scale in which I think it was meant.


  2. Yes, “willing suspension of disbelief.” That was the term I was looking for.

    You're right about the wolves, too. If the audience was better informed, the movie could have been made without wolves at all. The temperature and conditions they were in would have been enough.

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