What 5 Guns Would I Buy?

Sharp as a Marble started it, I think. The question is “What 5 firearms would I purchase, should neither price nor practicality be an issue?”

I know the first one. It immediately came to mind.

1. 1928 Thompson. My grail gun. The one I will never own. It’s not the paperwork or the tax stamp. It’s the current cost. I’ve had the opportunity to shoot one a few times. Best device ever for turning money into noise.

The others will be ones that could, maybe will, come into my possession.

2. Colt Python. .357 Magnum, deep blued steel, 6″ barrel.

3. M1A.
The semi-auto version of the M-14. Derived from the M-1 Garand, chambered in .308, the last of the .30 caliber U.S. battle rifles.

4. A high-end custom 1911.
I don’t have a particular company or gunsmith in mind, I just want one where everything is done and done right. I’m regularly shooting an inexpensive Para and it runs just fine. This is just a want, without reasons.

5. An over/under shotgun.
They are ridiculously expensive, and I can break 18 out of 25 with my Auto-5 as well as I could with a Holland & Holland or a Fabbri, but I would buy one just the same.

That’s my list today. It might change if you asked me in a week. If I did ever own any of them, they would be shooters, it would be the only reason to have them.

What would you buy?


5 thoughts on “What 5 Guns Would I Buy?

  1. Caveat: I'm not going to consider autos. If I do it'll make me made that they're regulated out of my reach. Damn, now I'm mad.

    1) M1A. I don't know why I want it. I don't need it. I probably wouldn't shoot it much. I STILL WANT IT!

    2) A nice old Browning Hi-Power. Old is required. Again, this desire is entirely unreasonable.

    3) A Winchester 1892 or clone in 45 Colt with a 16 inch barrel. I think this should live loaded in my truck at all times. ARs are too bulky and others seem to think they're mean looking. I suspect even things that John Wayne carried may soon also be associated with “meanness”, so I may have to get used to hostile looks from those who don't approve of violence.

    4) A Winchester 1894 in 356 Win. Why it never occurred to me sooner that this is the perfect hunting rifle for this area clearly indicates that I don't spend enough time thinking about guns or hunting. This is a problem that must be remedied.

    5) A Colt 1903. I almost want one in 32 ACP more than 380. The 32 is “classicer”.

  2. Good picks, I've shot all of those.
    I think I'd add the BAR. The Python was the Absolute Best revolver ever made! Period.

    Tommy guns are fun to shoot, but the ammo is expensive (unless you have a police dept paying for it)

  3. We could be brothers. Those are all the same for me. My best friend has a 1928 Thompson. All the rest are straight off my list as well.

  4. Here's one I got in e-mail. Added for S.B. :

    Since I haven't figured out how to answer you on your blog, here is my 5.

    1. Agreed, 1928 Thompson, looks like Auto Ordnance's model M1DM, full auto of course!

    2. Marlin 1895 Cowboy in .45-70, full length octagonal barrel, just 'cause.

    3. Springfield M1A, any one; but I'd love the Hathcock model

    4. Colt Trooper Mk III, 4″ barrel, blued.

    5a. Saiga 12 gauge modified by R&R Targets, Tactical package, with accessories, just because.

    5b My Marlin Camp Carbine with an integral full length suppressed barrel.

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