A Gift

The same friend that taught me to cast is retiring from the hobby. For a number of reasons, age, health, and other responsibilities, he no longer has the time or interest. He brought me all his cast bullets. It took multiple trips. Dozens of boxes and containers of all sizes filled with everything you could imagine. Pure linotype .30 caliber rifle bullets, pure lead .44 caliber balls, 7mm sized and lubed, it just went on and on. Each one more obscure than the last.

I was generous with them, called my friends, gave away thousands, only kept those I thought I might load. When I was done, I still had boxes that had been identified as only suitable to be remelted. Last night I fired up the propane, put on all the safety gear, and made these.

There’s no getting around the work involved. If you want clean ingots to put in the casting pot, you have to take this step. The next time I want to cast some .45s, I’ll be ready.


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