Wife of Italian Captain Defends Him

The wife of the cruise liner captain that abandoned his ship is defending him in the press. This quote was the one that interested me:

“My husband is at the center of an unprecedented media storm,” his wife, Fabiola Rossi, told French magazine Paris Match. “I cannot think of any other naval or air tragedy in which the responsible party was treated with such violence …

Because she is ignoring history. The president of the White Star Line, Joseph Ismay, was on board the Titanic on it’s maiden voyage. He got in a life boat. The Captain and 1st Mate of the ship stayed on board and died.

Joseph Ismay was held in the U.S., subjected to hearings in the Senate, hammered by the press and public. He lived out his life as a recluse, never able to shake his nickname “The Coward of the Titanic”. Even the Wiki article on Mr. Ismay should be enough to show Ms. Rossi that the treatment her husband is getting has historical precedent.


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