Terminal Lance Nails It

From Terminal Lance. An awesome comic for Marines.

Because we aren’t all heroes when we wear the uniform and we aren’t all babykillers when we come home. We’re just guys who ended up in the Marines and made it through boot camp. Some would throw themselves on a grenade to save their squad. Some would steal your wallet while you were in the shower the morning before you went on leave.


3 thoughts on “Terminal Lance Nails It

  1. What so many folks don't know, in the early days of OIF, the ROEs changed often and from place to place. The insurgents would fire on the Americans, then hide behind civilans. (I know, this happened to us one time) In some cases, the ROEs would have allowed mass destruction (2nd battle of Fallujah) and in other cases, you'd have to ask 10 commanders if you could pull the trigger…and they'd say “no.”
    I had to defend a gunner who did a perfectly good and legal warning shot in Baghdad. He did what NEEDED to be done and it was OK under the ROE at tha time…but some CS chair warming POS wanted to burn him. I advised I'd go over to JAG myself and get the gunner help if needed.
    The chair warmers dropped it.

  2. The problem with evil people isn't that they're evil. That would be easy – just kill them.

    The problem is that they're people and are smart. If they were just evil smart people, that would be easy – kill them.

    The problem comes into play with “smart”. They can solve the not-too-difficult problem of making themselves hard to kill without also causing collateral damage.

    Our earlier hostage-abandonment policy was genius. Yes, it appeared “mean” and really sucked to become a hostage, but you could be confident that almost everyone else you knew would be spared – you won the anti-lottery! Winner!

    In a world with evil this approach most effectively minimized it. If “civilians” were clearly and regularly endangered by combatants using them for cover, they would become vanishingly rare cover immediately.

    And this would minimize evil behavior immediately. It would actually help win “hearts and minds” by increasing the probability that “hearts and minds” that were never “winnable” would not survive.

    But of course this would require Americans to act as if we were still “smart”.

  3. The ones that would steal your wallet before you went on leave were the ones that had mysterious “training” accidents or slipped in the showers a lot.
    We caught a thief in the berthing on the Forrestal once upon a time, but when we took him to the Captain he said that the guy looked too good to be a thief. “When you come back” he told us, “you bring me a thief.”
    When we came back we brought a guy that looked a lot like a thief…that had been dragged up and down a few ladders…by his feet. (Sandcrabs can whine to someone else. It worked. We didn't have very many thieves.)
    Thanks for your service Marine. Ooh-rah.

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