Workbench Revisited

Not bad for a Saturday morning.


12 thoughts on “Workbench Revisited

  1. Now it looks tooo neat 🙂
    You did a good job. It always feels good when you get focused on something and see it all the way thru to completion.

  2. Sure, Bill, that's easy. The house is on a bit of a hillside, so the basement has 2 walls that are load bearing exterior walls for the house. Those blocks in the picture are the supporting structure for the house above it. House was built in 1947.

  3. OK, that was Saturday. Today is Monday. It is passed time for new blog material. I can understand how that magnitude of cleaning up requires recovery afterward, but we need more blog, and less recovery.

  4. Now let's see how long you can keep it looking like that.
    If you were to be judged by my record, it'd not be long, sadly.

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