They Just Can’t Help It

The New York Times has an article about a fire that destroyed a 3,500 year old cypress tree in Florida. It’s a loss to the park and if it was arson, it’s a crime. But in the second paragraph, The Times takes this swipe at Florida:

“In a state known for its sprawl and its zeal for pouring concrete…”

Really, Lizette? Have you looked out your window lately? Because if I was picking a place that liked to pour concrete, New York City might come to mind.

Florida has urban areas, but when I think of Florida, it’s two lane roads on top of causeways running through vast swamps and forests. Alligators. Beaches. Wading out a half-mile into the Gulf of Mexico as the sun sets. Canoeing some black water river. Small towns in north Florida set on what passes for high ground, a single paved road running through.


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