Hatcher’s Notebook

I got a phone call from a friend discussing my latest post on old mil-surp bullets. He recommended Hatcher’s Notebook. Said he had a copy and that it explored some of the same sorts of things I was interested in.

Julian Hatcher was a military officer involved in cartridge and weapons development in the early 20th century. This book is a collection of chapters on various aspects of his work and research. Information that may not be available anywhere else can be found here. Want to read about load testing up to and including the destruction of 1903 Springfield rifles? Bullet design theory and ballistics? The theory of recoil? The history of the machine gun? A detailed list and report of rifle failures? Here’s one page from that section, clicky to biggify:

Hatcher’s Notebook can be purchased on-line, but it can also be downloaded as a PDF file here. I have been reading.

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