My First Car Revisited

Months ago I posted and started asking everyone to write up the story of their first car. The next day I wrote about mine. Well, YrHmblHst at My First Car has a blog dedicated to first car stories and he just reposted mine. He also has Excels at Nothing’s story of her Valiant which I consider one of the best first car stories ever.

He’s soliciting for stories, so if you want to share your memories of your first car and see it immortalized in electronic form, here’s the link.


3 thoughts on “My First Car Revisited

  1. My first car was a 51' Dodge pick up truck that my dad spent $75 on.
    When my boys were growing up and wanted new fancy tennis shoes, I'd tell them “Those cost more than my first truck.”

    They thought I was kidding…then one day my dad came over…I asked him in front of my sons:” How much did you pay for my first truck?”


    They were shocked. Cost more than that to go to the grocery store.

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